Dear 5 Guys Named Moe,
The band was terrifc... ALL DAY! Wow! Three sets... filling time when we got too far ahead... keeping the crowd engaged and energized... reacting to our every need. The song selection was terrific. The band was great. It kept the hectic nature of backstage upbeat and on task. I'm glad we have you back tomorrow afternoon and evening for the very first playoff game in six years!

Thank you so much,
Craig Miller
Portland Trailblazers

Your band made an evening that many will remember for a lifetime and made our daughter's dream wedding come true. Thank you is so small..... Your band is amazing. I don't know how you have the energy but I guess the music keeps you going. In October we went to a wedding in the Berkshires that cost over a million dollars. The band was based out of Great Neck, NY. I talked to some of the members and they get paid over $50,000 for a gig for x hours and then it goes up in large increments. You guys were better. No question. And the volume was perfect. Didn't blast the old people out. Phil's grandparents are in their 80s and danced a good portion of the night.

- Mindy, mother of the bride

Your band was a huge part of the success (of our holiday party). Everyone is asking today where they can get your CD. I knew once they heard the group they would like the music! We had folks from all over the United States at the party. We had many people say that this was the best party they had been to due to the band.... please tell everyone in the band "THANK YOU"!

Sue Hopkins
Coldwater Creek Headquarters
Sandpoint, Idaho

"Our group has had the best time having 5 Guys Named Moe perform at our events. We've never had a better time dancing and being entertained. With all the different singers, you never know what's coming next....they are our favorite band!"

Vikki DeGaa, Meeting & Events Coordinator
Columbia Sportswear

Dear 5 Guys Named Moe,
Just wanted to let you know that I heard from the buyer from last weekend's wedding. He was over the top about how fabulous you were. Thanks once again for doing an absolutely excellent job. I have come to expect nothing less than excellence from your band. You're the best!

Becky Stroebel
Sterling Talent, Inc.

Dear 5 Guys Named Moe,
It is with great pleasure that I write to thank your for an absolutely wonderful performance in support of Columbia Helicopters' 50th Anniversary party. 5 Guys Named Moe brought professionalism, fun and great energy to our party, truly making our celebration entertaining, exciting and memorable... I mentioned to you that I had heard 5 Guys Named Moe perform in the past, and I had always enjoyed your show. What i did not recognize previously was how closely you pay attention to your audience, and then quickly and seamlessly adapt your play list to the tastes of the crowd. This meant that our employees and guests quickly took to the dance floor and enjoyed themselves immensely. Only an established band with a strong catalog of songs could have coordinated something so complex so easily...I have heard only very positive comments from our guests regarding your performance, and I only regret that the time passed so quickly. I have no doubt that our group would have stayed and danced as long as you were willing to perform... In closing I again thank you and the entire band for an absolutely wonderful performance. I offer my strongest endorsement to anyone thinking of hiring 5 Guys Named Moe and I am willing to speak with anyone on your behalf.

Dan Sweet, Media Services Manager
Columbia Helicopters, Inc.

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.........That's all I can say........What an incredible musical performance you guys put on Saturday night.........All of my family and friends have been calling and saying that they've never attended such a fabulous wedding celebration.......I can't wait to see the video of the wedding .......... Please extend my warmest and most sincere thanks to each and every person in the band......Depite the incessant heat, you guys played on and played with emotion and spunk........I will most assuredly be recommending your wonderful band to anyone needing a top quality entertainment group........Put me at the top of your referral/recommendation list..............Cheers to an unforgetable evening!!!!!!!!!!!!

Father of the Groom

To whom it may concern:
"I have been involved in the music business for over 30 years as a musician, producer, manager, songwriter and agent. When I get a call for a great band the first band that I contact is 5 Guys Named Moe. They define excellence with great stage presence, high energy and stage production. I always look for the best with all my clients and when I work with 5 Guys Named Moe I know that's exactly what the client will get."

"I would say that they are simply the best that there is when it comes to getting a show that will stand head and heels above the rest of the pack. Simply put, I love 5 Guys Named Moe and I'm sure you will too!"

"So when you want your event to have that special flair there's only one call you should make...say it loud... 5 Guys Named Moe!"

Calvin Walker
Music Management & Production
Portland, Oregon

Dear 5 Guys Named Moe,
Thank you all for an incredible evening of dancing! Everyody raved and raved and had a fabulous time. Any future event - we would love to have you again!

Kim Agnew

Just a note to say thank you for making my husbands party the absolute best!!! You are all amazing musicians and so very entertaining - I simply cannot tell you how many compliments I had on your band and how many, many people wanted your email, name, etc. for a booking in the future. It was fantastic.... Thank you so much again for a wonderful night!


"We would like to extend a very overwhelming THANK YOU ... we absolutely enjoyed the music and your great talent! W look forward to having you play for us again!"

Jeff Howe & Dave Spotts
Snap-On Tools

" were incredible and the highlight of our party on Friday night. Thanks for allowing the "Village People" on stage and for providing the grand entrance for Elvis!"

Tom Eisiminger, Battalion Commander
U.S. Army Recruiting Battalion

"Thank you for making our 75th anniversary celebration a huge success. Everyone is raving about the performance and your staff is great to work with!"

Farmer's Insurance

"Thanks so much for a fabulous performance at our wedding ... everyone had a terrific time!!!"

Jennifer and Edgar

"Great Sound!!! Great stage show!!! Great tunes!!!"


"You have a great show. Thanks for showing everyone a great time!"


"Totally AWESOME!"

Roseburg, OR

"Your music brought back alot of memories—aside from that, the music/sound/rhythm/beat sounded indentical to original groups which is something you dont always hear."


"I think the band was great!!! Our group had the best time.. Thank you very much for some great memories...!"


"Awesome performances, great enthusiasm and very talented band. I have enjoyed my evenings on every occasion that I have seen you."

Bambi D.

To whom it may concern:

"5 Guys Named Moe were absolutely fabulous! They played all the music we requested and sounded terrific. They have a big sound, great singers and musicians and interpreted all our favorite songs perfectly throughout the evening...Our guests never sat down, but danced all night. Everyone has commented on 5 Guys Named Moe asking us where we found them. They all said they are the best dance band they have heard here in Portland...

...5 Guys Named Moe surpassed our expectations and everyone had the most wonderful fun dancing to their music."

mother of the bride